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Things have been good for us. Instead of just one, we now have three shows on Twitch.tv and, later in the week, as a VoD on YouTube.com. We are so proud of our products! But we are even more proud that we are just simply doing it. Our community is growing steadily and we can be found with @voidcastlive on most socials. Instagram and Discord are really taking shape and we use twitter, for now, to simply say that we are live.

The Precipice of Dreams

Our biggest show, and the reason we started doing this anyway, is growing. Right now, we play every other monday and we are having a blast. We could explain all the things that are happing in the campaign. We do combat in the worst way possible, we split the party, we face horror well beyond our comfort zone and… But really, just make the deep-dive. Just start watching and enjoy us stumbling through an adventure of humor and horror. The show can be found here on this site.

Parallel Projections

Our newest show is an amazing one as well! Michel plays Torment: Planescape (Enhanced Edition). It is a slow game with a lot of text. Jasper adds to the slow pace by adding even more lore from the Planescape Campaign Setting. It is also the best game ever made… At least, that is what Jasper thinks and Michel is about to find out if he agrees. The show can be found here on this website.

Talking Void

We just love talking about role-playing games. In Talking Void, Jasper has a new guest every week (from the small pool of Voidcast members, but who knows…) and we discuss the Precipice of Dreams, answer questions about the campaign and about roleplaying in general, and try to have a main topic installed so we have at least an idea of what we will be discussing. Fun!

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