The Precipice of Dreams

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Welcome to the world of Aedon. For the last two centuries, the world has been reeling in the aftermath of the Last God War. After the gods disappeared and took all divine magic with them, the world that relied on the magic of its Gods fell into turmoil. 

But then, six years after the Godfall, a new God arose: Aedon, God of the World, the One God… the only God. 

Now, 229 years have passed since the end of the God War, but still the world is wounded. More and more landmasses have become corrupted, mutating all life upon them, leaving them uninhabitable… and dangerous. To this day, many devout inhabitants of this world move within the light of Aedon and search for answers to cure the wounds and heal the world.

As we start our journey, it is the 223rd year of Aedon, and we find ourselves on the continent of Creos, in the Human lands of Estus. Within the small village of Perod, a small group of strangers gathers, ready to leave at first light and set course to Brentwick.