About Voidwalkers

We have a vision of what a roleplaying game could be. We are working on a system that feels like real life but can harness the extraordinary.

Voidwalkers are

Jasper ‘t Jong
Founder / Game Designer / Writer

Roger Bindels
Game Designer / Writer

Erik Stefess
Creative Designer

About Voidcast

We are 5 Tabletop Roleplaying Game Fanatics who want to share our experience, knowledge, and excitement for everything Dungeons and Dragons and the like! We have a lot of content in mind but we will begin with a bi-weekly show where we play Dungeons and Dragons.

Please join us and watch us embark on this great adventure live on Twitch with our episodes of “The Precipice of Dreams”. Follow, Like, Subscribe, Share and Support our dream of VoidCast. Find us on Facebook, Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and our website: www.play-voidwalkers.com

Voidcast are

Roger Bindels
Game Master

Djinn van Hamersveld
Player | Solwing

Erik Stefess
Player | Günther Gottlieb | Thomas Lightfeather

Jasper ‘t Jong
Player | Bowin Goodheart

Michel Quak
Player | Odleif Hrafnsvængur